Article Marketing Basics

Article Marketing is a way for marketers to establish authority on a subject.  By posting information that displays their expertise and knowledge on a subject they gain creditability in that area.  In effect, Article Marketers trade quality content for broader exposure. 

Why Would I Use Article Marketing?

One word: Traffic

Article Directories typically have a large readership and can drive traffic to your site.  Because they are established they can help you rank higher for search engine traffic as well.  By posting your wisdom you gain quality inbound links on your subject, which is a surefire way to increase search traffic.  Additionally, if you have relevant pages, you can link to them directly in your articles, helping point out particularly relevant content.

When you are first trying to create traffic, it can be very frustrating to get inbound links.  While you may have quality content, people may be reluctant to link to you because you are new.  Article directories give you an opportunity to get quality inbound links and show your expertise to potential customers or readers.  All you have to do is provide the insight and it should pay dividends quickly.

How Do I Get Started In Article Marketing?

Getting started in article marketing is very simple.  Just sign up for a site like this one and post your articles.  Once they are approved you will suddenly have recognizible evidence of your expertise in a place where many people can read it.  Make sure to read our best practices and write quality content and traffic is almost sure to follow.

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