Do Bank Accounts Affect Credit Scores?

Many people are concerned about how their banking history will affect their credit score. While they may find the answer comforting, the fact that your credit score is not affected by your banking, doesn't mean it won't affect your ability to borrow.

Is the Stock Market a Scam?

As more and more news is released about the financial sector, it becomes harder and harder to trust them. It seems like they're all predators trying to steal our money. Is the stock market just a scam that we've all been sold, or is there something redeeming about it?

What Makes Your Savings Secure?

The definition of "security" can be different for everyone. Unfortunately, many people haven't considered what this term means for them. Are your savings really secure?

How Far Below Your Means?

If you're asking yourself how far below your means you should live, you may be asking yourself the wrong question. Learning how to look at your finances through the right attitude is key in developing security in your life.

Safe Places for Your Money

All of us have become more concerned about finding safe places for our money in this economic climate. However what makes one's money truly "safe" is not always clear. Learn how to make sure your money is safe and what you can do to maximize your security.

The Best Account for Your Life Savings

The Bernie Madoff scam and other horror stories of the financial crisis have left many of us wondering where the best place is to keep our money. Ultimatley we wonder what the best account is for our life savings. This isn't a simple question unfortunately and has complex answers even if you don't have a fortune.

Will The American Consumer Return?

American consumption has been a driving engine for the world economy, but is it coming to an end? Do businesses need to start preparing for a world where other types of products are the norm.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds

Investing in gold is an appealing option in times of panic or inflationary concern.  The governments of the world can always print more money, but there's only so much gold out there.  While there are many ways to invest in gold there are problems with each of them.  For many, using an gold exchange traded fund is the easiest and most efficient way.

Living Below Your Means

If you are looking to save money or get out of debt, one of the most obvious methods is to live below your means. That is a suggestion that has many meanings. The key to realizing this idea however is to understand that the status of life is about presenting an image and true financial freedom is the ultimate status symbol.

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