The Rewards From Drinking Wine and Starting A Wine Business

Are you one of the millions of people who are fond of drinking wine? When taken moderately, it is actually good for your health. Here are some reasons why you should have at least a glass of wine after a hearty dinner:

PROTECTION FOR THE HEART - When you drink a glass of wine daily, your omega -3 fatty acids level increases. This is important for our body because it fights or it prevents the inflammation of our blood vessels.

STRENGTHENS YOUR BONES - Drinking wine regularly and in moderation will strengthen a person's bones, especially the hip bone, by as much as 20 percent. Doctors say this is caused by alcohol increasing the estrogen levels of the body, along with other hormones which are necessary for developing strong bones.

LOWERS THE RISK OF TYPE II DIABETES - Drinking wine regularly helps the body become more sensitive to insulin. Studies have shown that the more a person's body responds to this type of hormone, the less likely he is to develop Type 2 diabetes.

If you're some of those who have a strong fascination for wine, why not make your own? Here's how to do it:

Things needed:

a gallon of purified water

sugar - 3 pounds

a pound of herbs

lemons, 2 pieces

oranges, 2 pieces

4 ounce of dried fruits

big bottle

Fermentation lock


Wine yeast


Juicer and a cooking thermometer

What you should do:

Peel the lemons first and then extract their juices. After that, remove the seeds if there are any. Remove the damaged parts of the herbs. You will only be needing the stems, roots or leaves. Chop them finely and then mix with purified water, juice, peel, sugar, herbs and dried fruits togeher in to a large bowl and then stir constantly. Let it sit and wait until it boils, it takes about 20 minutes.

Once 20 minutes is over, let it sit to cool down. Clean the bottle, make sure it's sterile before you pour the mixture into it. You can strain this if you want to. Then add yeast to the mixture when it has cooled down to about 110 degrees F. One wine yeast packet will work for approximately 20-30 gallons. Once done, put the fermentation lock and the fill it with water.

Make sure that you store the bottle in a cool, dry and dark place. Make sure that you check it on a regular basis and see if yeasts have started to develop. You can tell if yeasts have developed if it becomes cloudy. When wine becomes clear, siphon off the liquid, while trying not to disturb the yeast that has already settled. Then make sure you refilll the fermentation and then lock it and return it to its place. This way, the yeast can continue to ferment it. Put it back to the dark place until it becomes clear.

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Once you perfect this process, you can even have your own wine tasting business or your own winery once you're ready. Or you can just buy a wine store franchise. Whatever direction you want to take, make sure you study all the possibilities to increase your chances of success.

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