Do Bank Accounts Affect Credit Scores?

Many people are concerned about how their banking history will affect their credit score. While they may find the answer comforting, the fact that your credit score is not affected by your banking, doesn't mean it won't affect your ability to borrow.

Is Bernanke Doing a Good Job?

Answering the question of whether Ben Bernanke is doing a good job is not as easy as it might appear at first glance. In fact the question may not be possible to answer.

Should You Hire a Financial Planner?

Financial planners seem like a great way to increase the returns on your money without having to spend time learning about finance. Unfortunately that can be a short-sighted decision. Learn how to make the best use of a financial planner.

The Ideology of Capitalism

The terms "Socialism" and "Capitalism" are thrown about frequently in modern conversation, but do they even have a real meaning anymore? These terms seem to be defined more in relative terms, rather than absolute.

Safe Places for Your Money

All of us have become more concerned about finding safe places for our money in this economic climate. However what makes one's money truly "safe" is not always clear. Learn how to make sure your money is safe and what you can do to maximize your security.

The Best Account for Your Life Savings

The Bernie Madoff scam and other horror stories of the financial crisis have left many of us wondering where the best place is to keep our money. Ultimatley we wonder what the best account is for our life savings. This isn't a simple question unfortunately and has complex answers even if you don't have a fortune.

Is the Financial Sector Evil?

The financial sector is in the midst of a huge backlash.  While they've never enjoyed any particular enthusiasm from the average worker, they were always viewed a necessary evil at a minimum.  In light of the damning evidence revealed during the financial crisis there seems to be some credibility that these people were nothing more than parasites.  Even more clear is that many of them were bad at their jobs and negligent.  This does not necessarily imply malevolence.

Is the Mortgage Crisis Over?

While the sub-prime mortgage crisis may be nearing an end, it may be overly optimistic to think that the mortgage crisis as a whole is over. Many indicators indicate that sub-prime was just the first wave of a dramatically more perilous mortgage crisis.

The Dangers of Investing In China

While the growth and policies of China may look appealing to the investor, before diving in it may be wise to consider the nature of Chinese society.  They have the trappings of a free market, but they lack many of the other forms of transparency that help us monitor and regulate free markets in the West.

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