Basic Features of CPanel Hosting

Having a control panel to be able to host a website effectively is needed. This function can give you the freedom to be in full control of your website easily since all vital functions for manipulating your databse is accessible to you. How is this possible?

All tedious steps in creating a website have been made easy with the concept of cPanel hosting. Its interface is user friendly and one can easily understand its functions. However, you need to spend time to sort out the categories of the program.

cPanel has a lot of features but the most important feature that it offers is Account Management. The basic function found in this option is the account information where you can enter and edit data about what you represent. This also has a support ticket function which can serve as a reference to all issues encountered. It also has the capacity to make a backup of your website. This means, in cases of malfunction, all work will be saved and loss of data is very unlikely.

With cPanel hosting, you are also capable of updating and uploading information using any web browser. This is another function called Site Management which includes both database tools and FrontPage support. You can also check the amount of space you are using with your website through this feature.

Another common feature that the program has is E-mail Management which allows a user to enjoy the convenience of webmails, forwarding, and auto responders. More importantly, it has POP3/IMAP and STMP access. The program also provides a feature with functionality that allows the webmaster to have a guest book, message forum, and many more free web scripts.

Also offered by this technology is its Statistic Management feature, which allows you to keep track of customers logging in on a daily or weekly basis, and the Advance Tool which comes in handy for determining customer error pages and provides a directory password protection.

The features that you will need to be able to make your tasks easier are provided by cPanel hosting providers. Because this is very versatile, you can use it for general functions like website security and website administration. Since this technology can provide you with an increased setting customization of your site according to your preferences, you will surely increase your levels of production.

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