Toll Free Number 101

These days, many are using toll free numbers because of the convenience that these numbers bring to the user. Many business have been using these kinds of numbers and they make it as part of their ad campaign and their customer service. This number will cater to possible customers and those existing customers so that they can get in touch with the business without spending a dime.

866 or 800 numbers are a few other names of toll-free numbers. These numbers begin with 800, 888, 877 and they permit callers to reach companies or individuals without being charged for the call. The charge for the use of an 800 number is paid by the contacted party (the toll-free subscriber) instead of the contacting party. Toll-free numbers can be dialed on your business or personal telephone line direct.

Many users of these numbers are using it for personal purposes. This means that business organizations are not the only one that can enjoy the benefits of these numbers. For instance, parents provide their kids or their teenage child who is away form home for college a toll free number so that he or she can have a convenient way of contacting them without running out of credits.

Customers or companies can take advantage of these numbers on a first come first serve basis and the organization responsible for assigning these numbers are called RespOrgs or Responsible Organizations. These companies have access to the SMS/800 database which contains the information about the state of all 800 numbers. These RespOrgs are qualified by the database administrator who also is responsible for the toll free service management.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sets the rules and regulates these numbers that can be used and acquired. The FCC entails that the 800 numbers should be portable which means that an 800 number subscriber can port or transfer ones number to a new provider when changing providers.

The rules of the FCC set the standard for determining the status of each toll-free number and doesnt allow warehousing and hoarding of toll-free numbers. But conversely, the FCC cannot involve itself in the daily assignment of these .

They dont have direct access to the 800 number database. They also cannot divulge any information about the status of the numbers or a request for an 800 number. An organization that sets the standards for the telephone industry sets up the guidelines for toll-free numbers and these guidelines must comply with the FCCs conditions.

The kind of number that spells out a name or an acronym are referred to as a vanity number. Some examples are 1-800-Flowers, or 1-800-PIZZA..

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If you want to start using a vanity telephone number number, contact a service provider online for a faster, more convenient transaction. Vanity 800 phone numbers have proven to be very useful, both for personal and business purposes. There's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of its benefits.

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