The Basics of International Business Gift Giving

Those who are involved in any type of business know that they can never avoid giving gifts once in a while. Be it Christmas or an important client's birthday, gift-giving is one of the most effective ways of establishing stronger ties to those who matter to you and your business. Although this is the common belief for most people, this does not necessarily translate to the reality. There are times when giving presents can be one of the worst things you can do, especially if you are engaging in international business. That's because most differences in the perception towards business gifts have a lot to do with race or nationality.
It's interesting that while some countries may be very open to gift-giving, others can actually take the act to be completely unacceptable. For instance, in Czech Republic, Columbia, Indonesia and some others, giving presents is a warm symbol between business people. But in other countries such as Australia, Uruguay and Denmark, this can be misconstrued as bribing.

While it is true that many countries are delighted with gifts, some find it offensive. For example, in the Czech Republic, Columbia, Indonesia and some others, giving gifts is a warm gesture between corporate people. But these gifts can be viewed as bribes by countries like Australia and many others and they find it offensive.

If you're involved in international business, it can be crucial for you to take time to research on the gift-giving customs of the people you deal with. Generally, we feel that when we give a gift to a client or a colleague during his birthday, it can strengthen our business relationship. This could also work otherwise. It may even create negative vibes that can significantly affect the business relationship. Hence, it is important to always know the background of the people you consider gifting.

Giving gifts are also associated not only on culture but on religious beliefs as well. It will be a good idea to research on people’s cultures you are planning to give presents even when working for a company. For example, you might think of giving your boss a little token on his birthday. Perhaps you cannot give him anything made of cowhide as in India, cows are considered sacred if this person is Indian.

While giving gifts is not exactly discouraged in some cases, there will be rituals or "rules" that have to be followed. For example, the Chinese considered red a lucky color. The financial value of presents may also influence its meaning approximately in all situations. Whatever thing that is costly can make the receiver feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed. A present should fit the level of relationship that the one who gives the gift has with the receiver in other cases.

It is a fact that we have a lot of different cultural beliefs when it comes to gift giving. Therefore, considering ones race or nationality is important before you pick out a gift for him or her or before you think of giving him a gift.

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