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When babies are the concerns of our ideas, we get that soft-hearted feeling towards them. The more we experience that softened heart for them if the baby concerned is a girl. This is especially true when you are invited to a christening of a baby girl or any occasion where there is a baby girl, you can't help but give her a present.

So what would be the best gift you can give to the tender princess of the house? It should be one that she can make use of now and mom could keep for reminiscing when the baby becomes a lady? Or maybe something where she could frame or post her photos for us adults to admire? These are just simple thoughts you can consider when you are giving a present to a baby girl. It becomes more valuable if you give her a personalized baby girl gift.

One personalized gift you could give the little princess is a toy box personally decorated or added a design by you. Just get those plastic boxes that have lids. To make it child-friendly, cover it around with a bright-colored cloth lined with foam of your desired thickness. Sew the sides by hand or machine where needed.

You can use different bright- colored cloths on every side of the box. Attach appliques of baby characters or sew the name of the baby on top of the box. Fill it with toys, tie with a big red or pink ribbon, and bring it to the home of the little princess. One more personalized baby girl gift you can make is a re-designed lampshade for the baby girl. Though you have to buy the lampshade, you will have to plan the new decor or design for the shade.

Try getting a photo of the baby, if possible, get one that shows her face, and have it scanned on any material the same size as a square or rectangular shade. Then, mount the finished imaging on the shade. Embellish the sides or edging with pink lace or ribbon. You also have the optopin to personalized pillows for her. You can just buy those cheap little pillows and perhaps embroider the name of the baby at the center. This may take some time, though, but if the letters are not too large you can make a pretty embroidered name for the little princess.

Though these may seem trivial, it's the thought that counts.

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Confused what baby nursery decor you can give to an angel? Why not give personalized baby gifts? it is unique and useful. Just perfect for a li'l princess.

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