Facts On Credit Card Fraud

Today, it is easy to buy items online. This is normally what comes with what is called the convenience package offered by e-commerce. Whether you are going to buy a dress, a car, computer parts, software, or even when you want to make a reservations in a certain resort or restaurant, you do pretty much everything online.

One of the most popular ways of payment when shopping online is with the use of a credit card. This is made of plastic with magnetic strip on it which is issued to users as a system of payment.

These cards allow its users to purchase or buy goods and other services up to a predetermined amount which is called a credit limit. When a purchase of a product or service is made by the holder of the card, the vendor then receives information, the bank that issues the card reimburses the vendor of the product or service and the card holder repays the bank on a designated date. These all sound like benefits to any card user but unfortunately, many people are taking advantage of the system in malicious ways.

Credit card fraud is one of the worst things these people can do. Credit card fraud is a term used for theft with the use of a card. One way of people taking advantage of a card is by sending spy ware to an unsuspecting Internet user. Once a spy ware is able to find your personal information about your card, it then sends it to the source of the spy ware. The source of the spy ware then either sells your information or impersonates you with the use of that personal information he has stolen from you.

Usually, the one who sends the spy ware would even add himself as an authorized owner of your account once he is able to get your account information. By the time he is able to get your information, he will try to make himself appear like a valid user by requesting for new account PINs and additional cards. The person can also make multiple purchases using your card or make cash advances using the same.

All credit card holders should value this lesson. Don't be complacent with your credit card. Don't give your information easily when you buy products. It's better safe than sorry, right? You should not let yourself become one of the victims of credit card fraud so better equip yourself with all the things necessary so that you can avoid this.

Since identity theft has been on the rise in recent years, consumers are becoming more aware and vigilant about protecting their personal information. Anywhere you go whether online or on the street, identity theft is possible in the most unlikely of places. Having safeguards in place such as credit reporting agencies fraud alert which goes beyond your report and rating to protect you should be considered.
Identity theft can be devastating to your financial well-being as most of the criminals who commit this crime seek to gain access to your credit through various means and use it to their advantage. Often before you realize anything has occurred you are left with a huge bill that you can't prove you didn't make which makes it harder for you to get credit in your name in the future. Thankfully however the credit bureaus have created the fraud alert for consumers who want that extra measure of protection for their credit.
You can sign up for fraud alert through the credit bureaus directly. You will only have to contact one of the major bureaus who will then forward your request for a fraud alert to the others. So in essence you will only have to do it one time with one reporting agency. You will receive confirmation of your alert from the bureaus and you can renew it after the 90 day period. Be sure to keep up with your renewals each time as the protection is limited to this period of time and you need to contact the reporting agency to let them know you wish to continue with the program.

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As an online businessman, it's definitely an advantage to have an online merchant account so that you can accept online payments. However, it is part of your responsibility to make sure your online customers are safe when they purchase from your site. For this, you need to get a secure way for payments to be credited to your merchant account. If you still don't have a merchant account, do realize that getting one could be a big boost to your sales. Find a merchant bank or account provider which charges the lowest fees and offers a few perks such as a free credit card terminal when you sign up with them.

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