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We all know the benefits of having a social security number but if you still don't have one, you might want to know about the application process. These are the steps in applying for a social security number. First of all, an SSN is defined as a unique number assigned to you by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Having a social security number is very important because this number will be used as an identification. Schools, US agencies and business establishments use this number to identify someone. One has to have this number if they are working legitimately and are paying taxes. This number has 9 digits and 3 partitions.

The first three digits are indications of which state the citizen was residing when he or she applied for the ssn. The next two digits are there so that the numbers can be break into blocks, thus, making it easier to remember. The last four are the straight numerical progression of allotted numbers. Today, SSN cards can come in three types.

The first card is the regular one which has been commonly issued since 1935. Aside from displaying the name of the person and his SSN, it allows the person to work without restrictions. This is being issued to United States citizens and permanent resident aliens or green card holders. The latter refers to United States immigrants who have been granted immigration benefits.

The second type of SSN card bears the phrase "NOT VALID FOR EMPLOYMENT". This card is issued by the Social Security Agency for people from another country who are legally admitted to the United States without a U. S. citizenship and work authorization from the immigration services. They need an SSN because the federal, state, or local law requires them to have one in order to avail of some benefits or services.

Issued during the early 90s, the third card has the phrase "Valid for Work Only With INS Authorization" and given to people who are temporarily admitted to the US and has the permit to work from the immigration service. If you are planning to get your own SSN, you need to get a Form SS-5. This can be obtained from the Social Security Agency. Those who are familiar with the process and are applying for a new SSN for some reason can just mail all the necessary documents but those who just turned 18 are required for an appearance when they apply. This means that they need to apply personally. Remember to read all the necessary instructions and guidelines in the form so that you will know what documents to secure.

But those who need to get a social security number but don't have the permission to work in the US are required to submit a letter with a letterhead of the government agency that is requiring him or her to secure a number. The letter should contain your name as the applicant, the mandate or the law that requires you to get one and a declaration that you have indeed completed all the requirements in acquiring an SSN.

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