The System of Custom Logo Design

A logo is the first thing that catches the eye regardless of where it is placed. Creating the best custom logo design would be the right thing to do since it would reflect a business' identity, look, and service. Here are some dos and don'ts for custom logo designs.

Describable, memorable, attractive and unique. These are the four attributes that your logo must have. Your logo should have the capability of being reduced or enlarged to any size without losing its appeal. This means that your logo should be scalable.

It should be perfect in any color scheme which means a logo should be effective in black and white or in color. Ensure that it fits the business and the purpose of the business. Something with an envelope would certainly go with a mailing company. Make sure that the message will stand out and would be conveyed properly.

Ask for others' opinion regarding your custom design. Listen to their feedback because they matter. Ensure that some research is done related to the field. Doing this will give you tips on what works and what does not. The colors used when designing the emblem should complement each other instead of clash against each other. The size, color, shape and design of the symbol must remain the same at all times. The design should be very creative and it should grab attention.

Never copy someone else' style. A logo design is the business' identity. Avoid choosing fonts that are too fancy. No matter what size a logo is, it should be readable. Using all caps and splitting up important parts of your design should not be done. Make sure everything in your logo is unified including the logo itself, the images and the slogan.

Avoid placing the logo on a pattern, image or textured background. It should always be on a solid color or white background. The color of a custom design should always remain consistent. Changing the design or the color scheme of your logo on a regular basis should be avoided. Your design should be consistent all the time.

It isn't advisable to put the logo in a box. Avoid using shadows and stretching effects on your logos and you should also avoid using different fonts since they won't be appealing when you resize it. Fonts that are hard to read and see should be something that you should stay away from. Colors that clash and a photograph as an emblem should also be avoided. Dull, boring designs should be avoided but this does not mean that you should create a very complicated design.

Make sure to remember these tips because these can help you when you design a custom logo for your own business.

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Hiring a company that specializes in logo design service is not that easy but you can find one as long as you are patient and smart enough. In fact, there are many logo designer today. You just have to ask for their samples and compare each company's products before deciding which one to go with.

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