Tips In Having An Attractive Design Portfolio

To any designer, having an attractive portfolio is important. The following are tips that you can use so that you can have an effective portfolio.

All of us would want to show our best foot forward especially when we show our work. If you are trying to make your own portfolio, the choice of samples of your work matters a lot. Don't add a sample that you are not proud of. If you made a four-color themed brochure, if possible, show actual samples rather than a laser printed sample of your work. You need to be real.

Another thing is, oftentimes, the color that comes out from the offset printer is different from a printout made from the desktop. That is because the desktop printing blends the RGB colors outright while in offset printing, the colors are printed separately (ex. print the blue ink, let dry, print the red ink, let dry etc.) If your work involves some printed publication like a magazine or a newspaper, be sure to acquire multiple copies of the original publication.

Take the page out. Make sure it's neat. If you can't get a hold of the original copy, then you can make colored copies of the originally published pieces. Or use a laser printer in printing them. However, don't bring the actually thing if your design involves large scale printing like billboards. You will look foolish.

You can take a picture of the actual thing using a DSLR camera. You can do this for works that you have done that have odd shapes are that are too big. You can have digital files of tiny print outs of those that you have worked on. If you have worked on certain web designs and others that were not on print, then take screen shots and print it but the resolution may not be that precise, just add a CD of the web page. If you have produced logos for companies, having print outs of those logos is a great idea since it can be a special graphics that will imply that those are your work and you have all the authentic files. If you do this, make sure that they have high resolutions.

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