rubberized mulch

On Safe Ground With Rubber Mulch

Children love to play and they usually play in a grassy area. Even in our own backyards, our kids need to get out and play on grass. The natural elements, however, of grass may be harmful to children. There are grass elements that can cause allergic reactions and other health related problems. Grass can make children itch and the dust in the grass can give them wheezes every time they play. On the other hand, playgrounds without grass get dusty on hot days and get muddy on rainy days. This is when the fun stops.

Benefits From Using Recycled Rubber Mulch

With the increasing number of trash produced everyday, it seems the world cannot help but go down with it. Over the years, scientists have proven that non-biodegradable waste causes pollution in our environment. In particular, solid wastes have been found to be very detrimental to the natural life cycle and especially to vegetation.

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