Start Investing Your Money

Are you wondering whether it's time to start investing -- The answer is YES. What you really should be asking is what exactly is an investment and what isn't.

Can You Make Money Day Trading?

Day trading seems very appealing. Some say it's easy money, while others say it's gambling. What is the truth about day trading and can you make money doing it?

Stock Investing Tools

What is the best tool to guarantee success in the stock market? You might be surprised at what your best weapon is and that you can already get access to it for free. Why pay for systems and gimmicks when you have the best weapon at your disposal for free?

Stock Market Share Prices

Many people find company share prices on the stock market boggling. They seem to be completely arbitrary. How does the stock market arrive at the share prices which it uses.

Is the Stock Market a Scam?

As more and more news is released about the financial sector, it becomes harder and harder to trust them. It seems like they're all predators trying to steal our money. Is the stock market just a scam that we've all been sold, or is there something redeeming about it?

Technology Company Analysis

The analysis of technology companies represents a significant difficulty for investors. These companies have a level of volatility that can be uncommon in many other industries. The swiftly changing nature of technology can create wild swings in valuation and market share.

Technical Analysis Course

The fundamentals of technical analysis can be learned from the Internet. To make the most of this information it is good to understand exactly what you are looking for and how to go about educating yourself.

Is the Investing Industry Trustworthy?

Malevolence or incompetence? Why were the people we were paying to take care of our money asleep at the wheel when the financial crisis hit. Was their inability to protect us a mistake or something more sinister? Are members of the investing industry trustworthy or more appropriately, how far can you trust them?

Understanding the Math of Leveraged ETFs

Leveraged ETFs are often mis-marketed as a tool for long term investings. Understanding the underlying math can help you avoid the mistake of buying and holding leveraged ETFs.

ETF Advice

Many people are involved in ETFs without truly understanding how they work. Some additional insight can help you make better ETF related decisions. It's particularly important to understand the mechanisms of the funds before you invest money in them.

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