The Fundamental Rules of Judo

This article will focus on judo and all its basic principles. A stronger and larger opponent can easily be defeated by a weak and small man. This is what judo is all about - all about the principle of leverage and balance.

First principle is strength must not be countered with strength. Otherwise, the stronger man, of course, will be the winner. Always keep in mind that he is strong only because he is in balance. If you have retained your own balance, you can take advantage of him by focusing on how you can distort that balance. It is said that a man is in balance if he stands upright and there is a small circle drawn around his feet as his center of gravity. Before a throw can be executed, you must offset his balance by taking his center of gravity out of this circle. The center of gravity referred to here is the fulcrum or the point on which you, as opponent, could put him out of balance.

The action of levers is another principle. All of us know that when we use a crowbar in lifting heavy objects, it becomes easier. Applying this principle to an opponent, you will realize that the wider apart your hands are gripping your opponent, the greater your leverage. You can apply this in throws. The point here is to make sure that you get as much advantage as possible. Of course, the direction of pulls and the timing of your attacks also matter a lot.

Gravity, friction and momentum are some of the natural forces of physics that a judo expert uses. So you see, muscular force is not the only force being applied in judo.

Let's now talk about the force of gravity applied in judo. The greater the weight of the enemy, the harder it is to move him horizontally or even vertically. But a greater pull on him can make him fall easily. The opponent is already pulled by gravity on a downward direction. You just have to distort his balance by making his center of gravity move from the base and the gravity will work for you as you pull him down to the ground.

Let's stay you are face to face with an opponent, standing. Withdraw as much as he advances. He loses his balance when he leans forward because he could no longer advance his for further. Then you will be able to throw him and take advantage of gravity pull.

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