A Lesson on Physics and Motivation

People struggle with self motivation. This is because we are usually thingking of negative thoughts that result to anxiety. Every individual must face doubts or worse, even depression. Looking into this, you will understand how these individual who are always thinking about negative things are different from people who are positive. This is what makes successful people different from the rest. They know how to keep on struggling even in the face of doubt. There is no guarantee that constant motivation, though. You can't just beat it once. You have to keep on beating it every time it shows its ugly head. Just be aware about your thoughts and learn to control your emotions. You have to teach yourself how to cultivate thoughts that motivate and shoot down thoughts that are negative. Keep your eyes on the task being performed and get out of that rut as fast as you can.

There are three factors for losing motivation. Lack of self confidence is one. If you don't believe in what you're doing anymore, there's no sense in continuing. Another is the absence of concentrate. If you don't know what you would like, there's no sense in working. Lack of direction is the last. In case you do not know what to do, then you are not compelled to do anything.

Lack of self confidence is a killer of motivation. This usually happens when you're focusing on what you would like and ignoring what you already have. Your mind would start creating explanations for why you aren't getting what you want. And then, negative thoughts begin. You will start thinking about the failures you have had in the past. You begin comparing yourself to your competitors. In such a condition, you evoke a poor impression, believe the worst about others, and lose self-confidence in your self. Shift your focus to gratitude and appreciation, you will surely break out from this pattern of thinking if you do this. Try to focus on the things that are great in your life. Make a list of your strengths, recent advantages, and past successes. We sometimes tend to look at our weaknesses rather than focusing on our strenghts. By doing this, you'll appreciate how able and successful you have become. Thus, you'll increase you self-confidence and you is going to be motivated to bank on your current success.

Repeating to yourself things you already know can develop your mindset. Sometimes, the mind distorts reality to bear out what it wants to accept as true. The more you think about negative things, the more illustrations the mind will make up to verify that belief. But when you think about success and you know that you really can do it, you will surely be on your way towards achieving it. Creating value for the rest of the world is the best way to have success.

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