Square Wedding Cakes

Among the many questions you're probably fielding about your wedding, many of them are sure to relate to your cake. There are so many issues to resolve about your wedding that the cake can seem like just another hassle, but spare some time for it. Your wedding cake will probably be one of your most distinct memories about your reception. One of the first things you must resolve is the shape of the cake and one shape you should seriously consider is the square.

When people think of wedding cakes they typically think of the typical round, tiered cake, but there are so many more options. Why be conventional if you're not a conventional person? The square cake isn't terrible “out there,” but by choosing something less traditional you can express your personality a little bit without going too far off the reservation. The square cake can be just the right balance between the traditional and the somewhat edgy. You of course can still have your tiers if you want them.

The square shape can also project a slightly more conservative image if that's what you want. The straight lines can actually blend in with a very cautious and simple wedding style. If you're looking for a contemporary wedding with a very clean and stylish look, the square cake can be a good bet as well. The square cake is more versatile than you might expect.

Ultimately you'll surely make the cake choice that's right for you, but don't be too quick to rush to a decision. Considering a square can be a good idea for those looking for something a little less ordinary, but not too far off the beaten track. Take a look at some pictures and keep an open mind, it might turn out that you're more “square” than you thought.

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