Hardwood Floors - Why They Are Better

Inside our homes, we automatically step on our floors. Of course, we do it because we need to. If not, we can't function normally.
Because we do it everyday, we have learned to ignore our floors. If you're not careful enough, you would tend to pull furniture around when you're cleaning the house. Your floor will easily get damaged especially if it is made with a material that is of poor quality. In return, it can harm you with splinters if it's not made of good quality. Regular wood, naturally, don't have that beautiful finish.

The most visible thing in our house which occupies the most space is our floor. It is, therefore, one of any home's major attractions. Only hardwood flooring has that classic elegance that can improve your home's interior design. Hardwood isn't only elegant but it is user friendly. Indeed, hardwood flooring is both elegant and safe for everyone. Hardwood also gives a cool natural feel to the entire house because of its grain and color.

Hardwood is so easy to maintain. Hardwood can last for decades which means that it is cost effective despite it being more expensive than ordinary flooring. Today, we see many trends in flooring that have emerged but hardwood still can't be left behind. Depending on the type, hardwood can come in different colors and grains. Shades may be light, medium, or dark. Mahogany, tiger wood, American beech and red oak are among the most popular hardwoods.

Hardwood flooring may be manufactured into one solid timber or solid hardwood or engineered timber composed of layers of wood material. Because of this layering, hardwood is better than other types of flooring. The engineered type sold by square foot is the hardwood flooring that is the most common. Depending on the manufacturer, engineered hardwood may come at varying prices but while most may cost heftier than other flooring materials, hardwood is always durable and can easily outlast everything else.

Satin, semi-gloss or nanotech are ideal for those who prefer a typical finish. For those who are renovating their homes, hardwood is the best option for your flooring. You can see samples from manufacturers and if you want, you can feel each type so that you will know how one is different from the other when it comes to its texture or grain.

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