The Contributions of Chinese To The Furniture World

Furniture has been part of man's life throughout the ages and when it comes to its history, the Chinese have made an indelible mark. As we develop, our tastes in furniture have also developed.

Ancient Chinese used to sit or kneel on the floors of their homes but in the period between 471-221 BC, they started to make furniture such as beds and mats. From then on, they started making lots of beds and mats which were then used especially by royal families and dynasties. Elegant furniture designs reached their heights during the Ming dynasty. By the time of the Ching dynasty, a more elaborate and extravagant pieces were created. Until now, most of the furniture designs that emerged during these two periods are still evident in furniture we have today.

China's wealth of natural resources can be considered as one of the major reasons for the Chinese furniture industry's great developments. Wood has been the most common material used by the Chinese for their craft. China is a country rich with natural resources most of its furniture was influenced by this, wood has been the major material for their craft. Huganhuali mu (yellow flower pear wood), jichi mu (phoenix tail or chicken wing wood) and zitan mu (dark-purple sandalwood) were the most precious and important woods they used when making their furniture then. These three types of wood are known for creating very good lumber, specially in terms of strength and density. On top of the three, the Chinese also made fabulous pieces made of bamboo.

The furniture designs of the Chinese that are very unique and creative reflect their artistry. The Chinese people really were the biggest influence in the furniture industry though they are not recognized. Furniture became known as an art only when communism was prevalent with other foreign nations. However, people from these nations were already taking notice and were able to get a hold of a few of the most beautiful pieces which can now be found in various museums around the world, including Victoria and Albert Museums in London. In Beijing's Palace Museum, some of these creations are displayed today.

Over the years, the Chinese have shown their love for beauty and art through their unique culture which is reflected in the variety of designs and styles they have created in their furniture. Their choice of materials also speak of their ingenuity that is comparable with that of other foremost artists in any other part of the globe.

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Much has been contributed by the Chinese to the development of the world's furniture industry. Whether it's traditional homeelegance furniture or modern bedroom furniture set, living room furniture or any piece for other parts of the home, the Chinese have their own long history to prove they are, indeed, world class artists who have always deserved recognition.

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