Wearing the Beauty of Crystals

We, humans, are considered to be visual beings and we love seeing things that are beautiful. And women sure know how to make themselves beautiful. They often use accessories like crystal bracelets which lend their natural charms to the wearer. They can also make a woman more confident as she moves her body, knowing she has on a beautiful crystal bracelet which can easily complement the sparkle in her eyes.

Crystal bracelets are usually hand crafted and lined together to form a ring using sterling silver, gold, or any nickel-free metal base. While they may look so cute and playful, crystals need special care to keep them looking gorgeous. For hygienic purposes, they should also be washed at least once or twice a month. You can use a mild cleaning soap or a jewelry cleansing liquid in cleaning the jewelry. After rinsing, the crystals should be wiped dry with cotton or flannel cloth. You can use a dry flannel cloth to wipe it on a daily basis. Make sure that you have a box where you can place the jewelry where it won't get entangled with your other pieces.

Crystal bracelets are usually referred to as as Swarovski, Czech, or Austrian. In the fashion world, most adore Swarovski crystals which are known for their very attractive sparkle. Swarovski crystals are also clear though colored. Crystal bracelets use different kinds and shapes of crystals. To name a few common crystals used, we have Peridot, Sapphire, Garnet, Carnelian and many more. For these crystals to become marketable, there are certain specifications used. They may be cut into squares, teardrops, spheres, or any shape preferred.

Crystal bracelets are also used to promote healing, aside from it being a thing of beauty and fashion. being a thing of fashion, crystal bracelets promote healing. It is believed that crystals have energies and these energies are transferred to the wearer of the crystal jewelry. A crystal bracelet of Amethyst is said to bring protection while Carnelians bring out the creativity. Some are said to invite love and strengthen relationships or bring good luck and prosperity. Some crystals, on the other hand, are believed to have the ability to bring the spirits of someone down because of the bad vibes that it brings to the person wearing it.

However, we should not be very superstitious about these things. All the things that are happening to us are consequences of the decisions that we have previously made. But one thing we know for sure is, when it comes to beauty and charm, crystals do deliver.

A beautiful and creative variation of wearing crystal jewelry is in the form of ornamenting one's dress with beautiful sequences of crystals. This not only makes the dress look elegant and expensive, it also gives a lift to the personality of the wearer.
This jewelry can be very expensive or very affordable, depending upon the type of crystals used in the jewelry. The Austrian crystals are considered to be the most expensive ones. Artificial crystals are also prepared in laboratories in different colors. The artificial crystals are more affordable than the natural ones due to obvious reasons.
Crystals are very durable, therefore, your jewelry can be very long-lasting and it may be passed on to the next lot. You can create beautiful patterns of crystals on jewelry or clothes depending upon your taste and style.

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Choose a bangle bracelet to complement your evening look or maybe a cuff bracelet for that special mini black dress on special occasions. Or if you just want to look fabulous, count on the crystals to do the work.

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