A Glimpse Inside Your Purse

I watched a video entitled "What's in your purse?" which I found over a year ago that really caught my eye. The video was very entertaining. The video enlightened me. Soon, I found out that this type of tagging has been all over the Internet for some time already. It's fun for girls to know what other girls have in their bags. Out of curiosity, I also wanted to know what's inside their purses and as a girl, I wanted to copy them. Boys and girls differ in their interests. Boys are into video games while girls are into buying things like clothes and purses.

Every girl needs a purse. Girls can't go around just bringing a wallet unlike boys. A purse is important for girls so that they can put all their vanity stuffs like make up, pack of breath mints, cologne, and hair brush. Whenever you see a girl downtown, you will notice that she always has a of bag with her. One more thing, girls' clothing usually don't have pockets that's why it's essential for them to have a purse. If you see a girl wearing a dress, I'm pretty sure that you will see her with a purse or a handbag. This is because dresses don't have enough room or no room at all for her stuff.

The things inside a girl's purse will let one know the kind of girl that she is. For instance, there are those who are so fond of gadgets that they bring along with them their portable music players, PDA's, mobile phones, and other portable devices. There are some girls who bring their entire vanity kit with them together with other fashion accessories and even books or notebooks. In essence, a girl is what she is according to the things that she brings with her.

As for me, I love carrying a handbag when I go out so I can bring my face powder, comb, mobile phone, pen, lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste, hanky and, of course, my wallet. So does that make me what I am as a girl? There's more to me than meets the eye but you will surely see a few good hints just by looking at the things inside my purse.

There is very good reason why this particular style of clutch is so popular today. They can be used for many different occasions, and they look absolutely stunning. In particular, for a formal occasion where you are really dressing up the silver clutch purse can not be beat. They are somewhat small in storage space, but you use silver clutch bags strictly for the fashion. And don't these bags look absolutely fantastic? Yes, of course they do, and that is why this purse is THE choice for formal evening out. It puts the finishing touches on your already gorgeous outfit, and makes a statement for you that you have class, sophistication, and absolutely terrific taste. Look at any fancy outing that requires formal attire and these purses are what you will mostly see. A silver evening bag is timeless, meaning they never ever go out of style, and they will always be useful for times when you want to dress up. Back in the day a silver clutch purse was quite expensive, but today you can find absolute steals on these purses if you look hard enough.

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