Green Wedding Cakes

Green is everywhere. It symbolizes life, sustainability, health, and classy fun. So, why not use it for the color of your wedding cake?

Many wedding cakes are adorned with flowers (both edible and faux). Green is always an aesthetically pleasing color to use as a backdrop. You can focus on adding the colors of your wedding, without working in as much greenery. Or, vice versa, you can add deep colors of greenery over a nice, warm sage for a very classic look.

Imagine your beautifully towered cake with deep sage-colored Victorian accents, carefully crafted over a light kaki-green background. Add your favorite color rose buds, some white baby’s breath, and you’ve got a cake to die for.

On your standard, white wedding cake, baby’s breath would be rather inconsequential. Paired next to a green base, though, it will give your pictures a magical appeal when you stand next to it in a wedding gown–truly a scene to remember.

Maybe, however, classic and Victorian aren’t your things. No problem. Try bright lime green. Add some pink and burgundy accents to create a clean and fun look. It will look like you’re handing out little platefuls of spring to your guests. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

Now, one word of caution when it comes to green cakes: food color stains. So, you might mention that little factoid to your groom. If he smashes that cake into your face, some of it may crumble down to your dress. Moreover, have a toothbrush or gum on hand for after you eat that little piece of green ecstasy. You don’t want green teeth in all of your pictures—even if you get married on St. Patrick Day.

The color green symbolizes so much we all hope for in a marriage—health, wealth, and vitality, not to mention fun (think little, green M & M’s). What color could be more befitting of a marriage?

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