Philippine Archipelago - Relaxing Escapade

Don't you think it would be a great idea to live in another country for just a few days? It would definitely be an eye opener since you will be exposed to a whole new world with a different culture. If you want to experience living in a place with strong cultural background with great landmarks, you might want to consider living in the Philippines temporarily.

Westerners and Europeans can enjoy all the 7,000 islands and the sunny places in this Asian jewel. Spending a few weeks in the Philippines will certainly make you want to stay for a longer period because of the country's natural beauty. You will enjoy both the city life and being close to nature. The country is famous for its people's hospitality.

You will see the cultural diversity at its best in this country. American, Japanese and Spanish are the three heritages of the Filipino people. Indeed, the nation is a melting pot of varied cultures and traditions. All these make the Philippines more exciting as a multi-racial nation that can easily impress any first-time tourist.

Though there are big cities in the country where you will experience the hustle and bustle of the city life, you will also have a sneak peek of the old Filipino cultures and charm from other places. Despite the country's advancement, there are still natives who are speaking in their own language and living in their nipa huts, which is considered the country's National house. The country has thousands of different dialects, yet people here are fluent in English. English, aside from their national language, Filipino, connects the people from the country's 7,100 islands.

There are international flights to key cities of the country like Manila and Cebu. If you want to fully experience the country, try getting on the unique jeepneys just for the fun of it. You can check-in at a five-star hotel or go for the homey pension houses.

If you are in to scuba diving, you can do so in the enchanting El Nido beach. The country also has a lot of beautiful beaches where you can just enjoy life and bathe in the sun. You can go to Boracay and enjoy the great white sand beaches and see many celebrities. Bohol is another great place to visit where you can see exotic animals. One of the 7 wonders of the world, The Famous Chocolate Hills, can also be found in Bohol.

These are just some of the samplings that would surely tempt you to have your vacation in the Philippines. There's more to life than the things that you have experienced and you will experience these things only in the Philippines.

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