Exploring Unusual Wedding Venues

Getting married in Church, in a garden, in a tropical beach or any other romantic place has become quite common today. This is the reason why there are people who want their wedding to take place in another country or, at least, somewhere unusual.

Below are tips for those who would like to have a unique wedding:

The Westminster Council of the parliament of U.K. has already approved the marriage and ceremonies of couples in the Palace of the Westminster. Because of this, ordinary couples, regardless of their gender preferences, can already have their wedding here.

For sports lover, you will surely love to have your wedding in a Golf Course. With the outdoor setting, you are sure to enjoy almost unlimited space for a venue and for your guests to explore. It will also be a treat for children who will be attending the occasion and a good way to entertain them during the reception.

Though castles may seem scary and expensive, they can be an exciting venue for your wedding. There are castles that are actually owned privately and can be booked on an exclusive basis. These structures have also become commonplace for gay weddings.

How about those art avenues? This can be the perfect wedding venue for couples who are artistically inclined because they can explore unusual wedding themes. Concert halls, galleries and cinemas are a few art avenues that you can explore.

Underwater � Underwater is certainly one of the most unique places for weddings, although an increasing number of people have been exploring the idea. If you like the adventure of getting married amongst sharks, this is going to be perfect for you.

Having a wedding in the air may seem impossible but you may not be aware of this but there are already many couples having their wedding while sky diving. This kind of wedding isn't for those who have a phobia on high places or heart problems. But for those who are up for it, you can do this by finding a person who can officiate a wedding and one who sky dives.

Wherever you decide to hold your wedding, making it as unforgettable as can be will make a great wedding present for yourselves as a couple.

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However, if you just don't have the time or the energy to make preparations for a unique wedding, you can have it in a traditional venue. St Louis Receptions can bring you great memories you'd love to keep forever. While they're located right in the heart of the city, any of the convention center in St Louis can sure make your experience just as unique and perfect.

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