Is Orlando a Nice Place to Live?


Millions of people visit the Orlando area every year for its theme parks and attractions. Many leave wondering: Is Orlando a nice place to live? While definitions of nice may vary, there are advantages and disadvantages to moving to the Orlando area.

Obviously one advantages of living in Orlando is easy access to the theme parks. Imagine having the ability to be at Disney World or Sea World in fifteen minutes. This is one of the first things people think of when considering moving here. 

Of course there are also other benefits to living in the Orlando area. Florida has no income tax, so many people can make the same salary here and experience a improvement in quality of life. The weather here, while unpredictable, is generally warm and sunny. This can be very appealing to people from other parts of the country.

Of course it can’t be all roses. Because of the high number of tourists, there is a bit of a crime problem. Additionally the rampant growth in Florida has left the area with some traffic and infrastructure problems. The influx of tourists in the summer can be daunting as well. Additionally, many long-time residents are dissatisfied with the rapid growth of the city, saying it no longer has the small town feel it once had.

Thus deciding whether Orlando is for you depends on many factors. There are many job opportunities; however there is also heavy competition for the job. The cost of living isn’t as high as some parts of the country and the lack of taxes can make the overall experience very affordable. The weather is better than many places and the city is a nice mix of a large town and a medium sized city. The real estate market has plummeted recently and now may be a very appealing time to move to Florida. Get in while the getting is good!

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