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One of the primary revolutions of the Internet is the free flow of information.  Things that used to be expensive are now available for free, or very cheap on the Internet.  Technical analysis courses are a perfect example.  What was once insider knowledge that was only available to professionals is now available in a wide variety of locations.

Technical analysis is predicated in the belief that the historical behavior of markets has some value in suggesting today's behavior.  This doesn't seem that controversial of a premise, however many needlessly discount the practice.  While you may not believe that every answer can be divined through the application of technical analysis, certainly past behavior has something to say about current behavior.  Even the most steadfast value investor can gain insight by applying the tools of technical analysis

Learning technical analysis is a combination of theory and practice.  All the book learning in the world cannot give you the requisite experience.  Even more importantly, however, is the fact that without an fundamental understanding of the tools and techniques, no amount of money spent on losses in the market will get you the necessary education.

Even if you wish to pay for courses and insider information, which may not always be a bad idea, it is best to load yourself up with free information first.  Why pay for information that is freely available?  In addition, by searching for these tools you can familiarize yourself with the language and nuance of the practice, all for free.

Your primary goal in searching the Internet is to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of technical analysis without spending any money.  This "technical analysis course," will pay huge dividends in money and time.  By exposing yourself to a wide variety of influence and sources, you can put yourself in the best position to make the most of further education.

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