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Many people are concerned with whether they’re using the “right” investing tools. They’re concerned that everyone else out there is using a magic weapon which they don’t have at their disposal. While there are many tools that can aid you, the biggest tool you can have is education.

One huge craze going on in the markets right now are the FOREX markets, where advertisers will ceaselessly tell you about how they have an automated system that will make you money without you doing anything. You have to ask yourself one question about these products: Why would anyone sell a money-making machine? These particular products are emblematic of the greater problem in the investing world, people want easy solutions.

Sadly there are no quick fix answers to make instant millions. Markets are made by intelligent, learning creatures. Even if something is successful at one point, it won’t be forever. You have to learn many tools and ideas and be able to put them together with your own common sense. The ultimate stock market investing tool is your own brain.

You should learn about every tool, even if it turns out to be useless. By learning about everything you can sharpen your own instincts and develop your own methodology. You don’t have to know everything to make money, but the more you learn the more confident you become. More importantly, the more you know the more you will be able to adapt to changing markets.

Investing in the 1980’s was very different than in the 90’s, which was different than the late 2000’s. Markets change and techniques change, but if you have a broad range of tools you’ll be able to adapt.   Some traders are one-trick ponies. Their system works in one market, and then they lose it all when things change. You can be better than that. 

Spend your time learning about all the tools, rather than trying to figure out the secret weapon. No tools are foolproof and even if they were, they would quickly become folly. The markets don’t have a single mind and you ignore this to your own peril. The only thing you can do is try to make sure you know enough to make wise decisions. 

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