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We should not look at wedding photographs as just images of someone or something printed on a piece of paper. They are a way to relive the wonderful memories of the day two people vowed to be together as one. This is why wedding photography should be taken seriously. Having a camera is not enough and knowing how to take pictures won't do it either. The important thing is for you to know how to capture very essential elements as being a wedding photographer.

You must always carry about an air of professionalism when doing your work. You should dress accordingly and act professionally to impress your clients and ensure them that you really know your job. Provide the bride and groom samples of previous photography works and discuss with them what they expect and how you can deliver quality outputs to them.

Abide by the Scout's motto, "Be prepared". Make sure that everything is prepared ahead of time. Nowadays, photographers use digital cameras because they are much more convenient to use compared to other types of cameras. It is strongly advised that you keep a back-up camera in case your camera suddenly doesn't work. Make sure that your batteries are fully charged and bring spare batteries and adequate memory devices, lenses you will be using, lighting, extra bulbs, tripods and any other things that you will be needing.

Know the place and the flow of the wedding program. Knowing what moments to capture or what pictures to take is also very important. But you should focus on the bride and the groom. They are your top priority. Next up would be their family members and close friends and then the guests. Make sure you take a lot of pictures. Overshooting is better than undershooting. You will have nothing to lose if your using digital cameras because you could later choose the pictures that you will be printing. Be sure that the date you agreed on delivering your work will give you enough time to produce high-quality work because your reputation will depend on it.

When taking pictures, do it with care. Be very careful of the lighting and make sure that your camera will be always adjusted to the correct settings to produce high-quality pictures. Use flash when necessary but remember that they aren't usually allowed in the church, so make sure that you ask whether or not you are allowed to. It is also important that you double or triple check your work before sending them to your customer.

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