Types of Books for Youths

Books are always the main source of knowledge regardless of the technology that we have today. What progress we have now, we owe it to someone who knew how to read first before he thought of his invention. Progress requires knowing the hidden facts which have been revealed already and printed in books, online and offline. Reading opens and exposes one's mind to the realities and mysteries of life. It makes you be a part of a whole humanity without necessarily going to different places. Reading brings you to the whole world which, in effect, catapults you to another world. It is through reading that our brain is stimulated by the things we have read which, in effect, stimulates our creative mind based on what we have read.

Reading basically starts in childhood with all the colorful books and make-believe stories. On the other hand, the adolescent stage has people patronizing another book genre.

Books for the youth, depending on their age level, must be something with a hint of childhood stories with the presence of early adult themes. This age is a sensitive age, an age of confusion between being a child and being on one's way towards young adulthood. Books for the youth may be about mysteries or romance since these types are more now challenging and exciting for them. Teens seek for thrill and adventure and mystery books can surely give them what they are looking for. The youth will find challenge in stories from this genre. Romance is also a favorite among girls now that they are in the stage of getting attracted to the opposite sex. Young people should also read stories on fantasy adventures or stories that may be unreal, stories that are really impossible yet are full of fun and imagination. They experience a different kind of thrill and aventure by reading these types of books and these would take them to a new level of fun to balance their readings. They can relate more to familiar figures which they can see as role models. These books are great influence for the teens as long as these books don't involve violence or any sexual content.

Younger youths, though, can benefit more from their readings if they read books with pictures. The pictures themselves add to the thrill of reading and are also good brain stimulants. Parents should instill in their children the values of choosing the right books for their age because the way they benefit from reading generally depends on the particular developmental stage they're in.

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