Types of Book Clubs to Explore

Because all of us are unique, it also follows that we have different wants and needs. As they say, all of us have our own set of favorite things and interests that we would like to pursue during our leisure time. Some may choose to spend their time swimming or dancing. Some like to bake or experiment with gourmet cooking while others like to hole up and read book after book during weekends.

The people who love reading books are those who also want to be part of a book club, however, these people don't have the same book preferences in terms of genres or topics. This is possibly why many book clubs are emerging so that all who love books may be able to join one. If you're a bookworm yourself, take a look at the different book club specialties which you or anyone in the family may fancy exploring:

1. Children's Book Club

This club caters to children ages 8-12 and is focused on building children's interest in reading and gaining more knowledge. Of course, this comes with socialization or what they call cyber socialization for those joining online clubs. Nonetheless, these organizations give children the opportunity to speak their minds and develop a love for books.

2.Celebrity Endorsement

These are clubs that seek advice from celebrities on what books to read. Readers may comment and create and participate in forums about the book. A famous example of this is Oprah's Online Book Club.

3. Poetry

In essence, this won't qualify as a book club but it can still be considered one. The members of this club are into reading poems and they have the chance to share their thoughts about it with their fellow members.

4. Science Fiction

Members of these book clubs are usually interested in advanced science literature and love reading sci-fi books. There are science fiction book clubs for both adults and children. Children who are members of sci-fi book clubs will definitely enjoy their membership if they are into learning about invention and other things related to science.

Signing up for any of these book loving communities is easy. You can check online and choose from a great array of clubs from the Literary Guild to Doubleday Book Club and others which you may find interesting. Only join book clubs that you find interesting. Otherwise, you could be defeating the whole purpose of joining. After all, book clubs are there to develop and cultivate their members' love for books, regardless of the genre. But then again, this can give you the chance to explore your other interests.

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The list goes on for online book clubs you may want to join. The The Literary Guild and the Doubleday Book Club are two others you may want to be a member of. Get to know them all and try to find the one that fits your personality and interests the most.

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