Positive and Negative Aspects of Hardcopy and Audio Books

All of us have our own way of learning. There are those who learn from reading. Some also learn when they are in study groups. There are also some who learn through listening. And there are also people who use all these methods to learn. This is what makes people unique from each other - their mental processes. This is why any medium of learning like reading or listening materials always have their advantages and disadvantages. According to psychologists, other people may not find a certain method to be effective while others view it otherwise. So books have different views on the benefits that it can provide to the people.

These days, people have been debtating whether an Audio book is better than a hardcopy book or the other way around. But what do these terms mean? When you understand the fundamentals, you wil be able to know why there are certain advantages and disadvantages for each learning material. Let us look into the difference between an Audio Book and a Hardcopy book.



Audio books can be in cassette tapes, CD or even DVD.

You can play them anytime you want while you are studying. You have the option to do other things as you listen to it.

You can always hit the rewind button if you miss something.


Audio books can be sometimes tiring and sometimes you tend to hit fast-forward because you find some parts uninteresting.

Cassette tapes and compact discs are sensitive media and slight damages can ruin the entire file.

You will not be able to highlight a specific part of the book or the lesson.



Books are available online or in book stores in your local area.

You have the luxury to read between the lines when trying to understand the entire text.

You can note down some important quotes, lines or thoughts in the book or highlight the important parts so you can go back to them easily when you need to.


Books can be heavy or bulky and it's harder to carry compared to compact discs.

If you have still don't understand the entire text, you may need to read the entire book again to be able to comprehend.

When you read for a few hours, your eyes get tired.

The most important thing is for you to gain knowledge and to gain better understanding from listening or reading. It is not important what media you prefer.

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For Hard Copy books, they are always better off bought wholesale. Bulk books always come out cheaper when the total cost per package is divided into the number of books there are. This makes the individual price of each book lower than if one were to buy it individually. Those who buy stocks of books such as bookstore owners and even educators who are always securing newclassroom books with the coming of each school year can enjoy great savings by buying in bulk.

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