Using Feng Shui To Attract Good Energy

Ever since then, the Chinese people have been using Feng Shui and many Westerners have been fascinated with it. If you have a business and want to bring good luck to your office, be sure to know the right way to do Feng Shui.

Here are a few tips for you to draw in good luck:

1. Place a crystal ball on top of your business computer or beside your telephone if you want to attract wealth in to your business.

2. Avoid sitting with your back on the window, this is what Feng Shui masters usually say. Though this teaching is old but it is still true.

3. The rooster is considered as the flower of romance. So, if you have an entertainment business such as a theater, bar, disco pub and the like, it would be best if you surround your office with rooster decor. You can use a metal rooster as a company giveaway or perhaps a rooster cork to give to your business partners. Using metal for your rooster is advisable because metal also symbolizes money.

4. Place a yin yang ornament on your wall. This should be facing the north west. Do not place a yin yang in front of a mirror as this is not a good position.

5. A ba-gua facing the southeast direction can bring in wealth to your life.

6. The color of your office should either be white or purple. Purple is the color of wealth and using this color in your office will not only liven up the atmosphere but also bring in wealth.

7. And last but not the least, avoid using plastic ornamental plants and flowers in your office. Use live, healthy green plants to beautify your surroundings. Colorful flowers are also a good idea to brighten up a dark room or area of the office.

If you are too busy to shop for Feng Shui essentials, let your fingers do the shopping by going online. Shopping online not only is convenient but it is fast. In a matter of minutes, you can easily find Feng Shui essentials that you need to beautify your work area. Another secret for abundance is to be generous. In return, you will receive great reward. Why not give a gift of wealth to your friends and business partners? You can order a metal rooster online and have it shipped right at their doorsteps in just a short span of time.

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The metal rooster is one of the most sought-after good luck symbols because of its popularity for bringing positive energy into a room. Get a metal rooster and start noticing the difference in your own home or office.

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