Good Luck Symbols of All Time

Ever since, all of us have been concerned with issues regarding security. We have the need to stay secure all the time no matter how old we are. Security includes not only in the physical situation but the place as well. Because of this, we have relied on good luck symbols.

Below are some of the most popular symbols that have been part of people's lives:

Shou - This sign depicts life, age, and or a new year of life.

Wishbones are some of the most famous good luck symbols. As a matter of fact, many have been adopting this especially during Christmas, Thanksgiving and other celebrations.

This will then be held overnight and will be split in half the next morning. The person who gets the bigger portion of the wishbone will have good fortune.

Ji is another popular symbol which is for hope and luck.

Usually used in offices and by many Chinese businessmen, Cai is said to attract good luck.

Shamrock, Clover or Four-leaf Clover - This sign originated from the Celtics. Each single leaf in the four-leaf clover has different meanings, the first being fame, the second, love, the third, wealth and the fourth, health.

It is also said that if a person has a four-leaf clover in his possession, no evil can come near him or harm him. Wearing jewelry or any accessory in a clover shape is also said to attract love. And if one dreams of this clover, it is said that the person will live happily for the rest of his life.

Star - Many people believe the star symbol was originally designed by Pythagoras to represent perfection.

During the middle ages, it was worn as an emblem on clothing and represent the mysteries of the universe, apart from being being referred to as the Wizards Star.

Rooster - The rooster is generally viewed as a symbol of good luck , honesty, wealth, fidelity and protection from bad spirit.

Although science would never acknowledge the value behind these so-called good luck symbols, believing in them is usually enough for those who continue to keep the faith.

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Roosters are some of the most popular among these good luck symbols. Have ceramic rooster figurines in your kitchen or maybe fill the room up with rooster Portugal decors to promote good taste as you prepare meals for the family.

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