ninjutsu classes

Wellness and Life Transformations Through Exercise

Our body is a precious asset, irreplaceable as it is. Life for us, without our healthy body, would not be lived as exciting or as challenging as what life should be. Hence, we need to maintain the good performance our body can attain at our age level. Our body can still function normally even as we continue to age.

Teaching Child Discipline through Martial Arts

Children, being still immature and inexperienced, find it hard to develop self-discipline. These kids have frontal lobes that are not yet developed, thus, they can't really understand what their actions would lead to.

All About Karate

There are many forms of self defense and one of them is Karate. This system makes use of the hands, elbows, knees, feet for kicks and blows to body parts that are vulnerable. This unarmed self defense orignated from eastern Asia and often confused with ju-jitsu, judo and sumo which are totally different Asian sport.

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