Teaching Child Discipline through Martial Arts

Children, being still immature and inexperienced, find it hard to develop self-discipline. According to psychologists, the frontal lobes of their brains are not yet developed, therefore, they still cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions. In short, they still can't understand how controlling ones actions can be beneficial. Enrolling them in a martial arts school would help them create their practice of self discipline and other positive traits.

This is because kids that are trained can learn how to make decisions by themselves and they can discern right from wrong. If the parents maintain making decisions for them, they will probably be dependent on the parent's authority along with other external aspects. They would realize they are helpless and powerless to do what's right and couldn't care less about the consequences of their dealings.

Self-discipline teaches them to take the initial steps to becoming an adult and take responsibility for the things that they do. They begin to be aware of their responsibilities not simply because they are being reminded of them but because performing them may be the correct thing to do. Because of this, they will learn to do their homework, help in all household chores and they will begin to eat vegetables even if these things aren't pleasant.

This leads to self control. Self control comes first before one can have self discipline. While self-discipline is the ability to create decisions, self-control is the capability to curb ones desires.

Having self-control, your child gains knowledge early that it's not acceptable to let their anger manage their thoughts. They also learn to exercise their will and control unnecessary desires.

Once your child manages self-discipline through martial arts, he can surprise you with the constructive impact it does to his life.

Greater self-discipline results to his greater progress in martial arts. This progress enables him to earn a higher level and a change in the color from the belt. And along with this growth comes an increase in self-confidence.

It follows that self-disciplined children can be effortlessly guided to correct nutrition. If you properly explain to them the benefits that he can get by eating green leafy veggies, they will end up eating more.

Kids who are obese or overweight can also reduce their weight the healthy way with martial arts. This kind of training maintains an exercise routine which will help him manage his weight.

Self-discipline also helps your children build up good social interaction skills. He will know how to socialize with others and he becomes friendlier. They become positively competent, realizing the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and equality. They also become considerate of the differences between themselves along with other children and avoid becoming bullies or snubbing other children who are various from them.

As any martial artist will tell you, there are multiple benefits in martial arts training. Of course, the most obvious benefit is a knowledge of self defense which is one of the major reasons why systems were developed in the first place. Knowing how to defend oneself and loved ones in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in today's world just as it was hundreds of years ago. Unlike often portrayed in the movies, training is not just about fighting. Many people take up martial arts for the fitness benefits as well. Training in karate, tae kwon do, kung fu and other styles will improve one's cardiovascular fitness as well as tone the muscular system. Strength will increase from the calisthenics usually employed within training but perhaps not to the same extent as working out with weights. But overall power of one's body will definitely increase since the techniques teach how to use strength effectively.

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Teaching your kids self-discipline can be done by orienting them to the ways of the ninja. Have them take ninjutsu classes and see the improvement in their personality.

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