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Fed up with your outdated computer which takes so long to download a simple file? Your budget is tight yet you don't want to sacrifice quality. Have you ever thought about building your own computer using cheap computer parts? You can search for quality PC parts online and put them together as you build a whole new computer by yourself.

Buy a model of computer, make sure that it came out six months earlier is the first thing that you should do if you are serious about this and then assemble a computer using individual spare parts, or perhaps get a refurbished computer with a limited warranty.

What is this computer for? Are you going to use it for word processing and Internet browsing or if are you going to use it for advanced functions like graphics editing and other multimedia programs. These are very important so that you can get your moneys worth.

Once you have decided its primary use, decide what configurations you need. What are the computer accessories and computer parts you need? The basic parts are the CPU, RAM, motherboard, casing with power supply, the basic mouse, keyboard, and monitor. These are the basic parts you need if the purpose of the PC is just for word processing or Internet browsing. Throw in a sound card and a video card if you need to browse videos. A CD/DVD ROM is optional if you have a USB port. There are three options for this: a CD player which reads compact discs only, a CD/DVD player which can read a compact disc & a digital video disc, or a CD/DVD writer which not only reads both formats but can also burn a compact disc and a digital video disc.

If you will use the computer for multimedia purposes, then your choice of the motherboard and the video card would matter. You will be needing higher specifications for the motherboard and the video card if you will use it for graphic editing. If you will be using it for gaming, then you will also need higher specifications. Your motherboard should have extra slots. These can allow you to upgrad your RAM by simply adding memory cards.

When choosing a casing, opt for lower power supply for word processing and Internet browsing purposes. But for multimedia purposes, higher power supply is required. Choose a casing that has a lot of vents for fans. A multimedia PC is going to need a lot of ventilation because a lot of work takes up a lot of heat.

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If you don't have time to build your own PC, you can try checking out refurbished computers which are high in performance but low in cost. A refurbished computer desktop can be a practical investment for online professionals and others who rely on their computers for work or business.

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