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Have you ever wondered why your computer is not running as fast as it used to? The following are the possible reasons.

Novice users, or even some of the savvy ones, will have document files, downloaded files, and other programs saved in many different places on their hard drive. This happens all the time. For example, the program used to open an attachment from Outlook or Outlook Express stores a copy of the file in a temporary directory in your Windows directory system. If you don't save the file in My Documents or any other designated folder, the document will remain in the temporary directory.

There are times when we just save something and then forget about it afterwards. Files received from instant messaging services usually end up in completely different directories. This happens all the time and then your system will be filled with unnecessary files that will affect the performance of your computer. If you don't want this to happen then make sure that you take note of files you download and make sure that you know where you saved them.

The Windows operating system has a thing for temporary files. The problem is, when computers crash or files are improperly saved, temporary files like to stay around and clutter up your computer. For example, you cancelled the installation of a program. Temporary files from the unpacking of the installation components are left behind. The result is that you find hundreds, if not thousands, of files stuck in obscure places, with obscure file names, throughout your hard drive.

These files are hard to remove from your hard drive is not easy even if you are computer savvy. The worst part is you may not find where those files are located.

Today, you may find many utilities but these software don't actually remove all of these files. There are times when you will still need a technician so that all temporary files are removed. Therefore, knowing where each files are located is every important if you don't want any inconveniences in the future.

These days, computers are one of the front line electronic devices! Many people have done their works easily with this system. Many users have the own computer system but they never know how to maintain the system for a long period. So, some time at the middle of the work a pop up menu will be displayed on the screen and give some massage like your computer system might be in the risk or any other message. But due to the ignorance of people the minor problem turns into major ones and that is more harmful for the system. Many computer users are installing variety of software in their systems. But they have no knowledge about when they install any software that have captured some more space than required like the manufacturer name, version and which type of software is these.
When the same software uninstall by the user again and again, it cause the system slowing down and takes many time to boot. It may take more than five minutes or so. It is so boring for the computer users while trying to do their works. Best registry cleaners are helping a lot to solve the problem easily. If you are a professional in the computer field, then you better know about the online market, where more information is easily available about the registry cleaners. You also keep your system run smoothly by reading that information.

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