Home Accessories - The Pieces of Furniture In The Master's Bedroom

It is important to choose the right furniture for the master's bedroom. Therefore, you should not rush in your choices. Comfort and style should be observed. What are the essentials of a master's bedroom? Here are tips to help you in your selection process.

From the name of the room itself, the first thing we need is a bed. Choose a bed that is comfortable for both occupants of the room. At the end of a long and tiring day, the bed is the most inviting piece of furniture in the home. It should be inviting as well as cozy. Know what type of bed you both prefer, whether it's a low bed or something raised on high legs like a Victorian bed. A king-size bed is more preferable even if the queen size bed may be enough. This would give you more space for two people and then some. You can even put a chest at the foot of the bed for linen storage. Cushions can also be placed on top of it for an optional seat.

A side table is essential if you are fond of reading. In addition to the book, you have place to set a bedside lamp, a clock, and that inseparable mobile phone. Choose a simple one or one with a drawer to store more things.

If you have a built-in or walk-in closet incorporated into the plan of your master's bedroom, then you have no need of a closet. The closet is separate furniture that would store your clothes, shoes, and everything else. Your closet should match your bed, either the material used or the style.

The dresser is an integral part of the bedroom for the woman's vanity. Try to get one that has mirrors and drawers for cosmetics, jewelry, etc. Of course, make sure that it matches the entire design of the rest of the other pieces.

If you still have a lot of space in your master's bedroom, then throw in a love seat or a futon. You can place it under a window for a cozy reading corner. It can also double as a spare bed for kids when you have out-of-town guests staying overnight. You can put a lamp stand beside it.

Just add your own personal touch to the room throuh paintings, lamps, and other decorative items. And whatever you do, never put a television set in your master's bedroom. This defeats the entire purpose of your own bedroom and you will have lesser quality time to just enjoy the company of your partner.

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