Eastern Weddings Vs Western Weddings

People around the world have their own distinct way of celebrating weddings. Let's look into both the eastern weddings and the western weddings to see their distinct features and how they are different and similar to one another.

Eastern weddings are infused with the eastern cultures and traditions of the Chinese, Indians, Arabs, and many others.

Chinese and Indian brides would normally be wearing red dresses and most of the wedding decors and flower will be of the same motif. This is because the color red is said to bring prosperity and good fortune. Brides change into a different dress after the ceremony in many eastern weddings especially the Chinese weddings. It is only in the modern times that brides have started wearing white dresses because of the influence of western wedding dresses designs.

Western wedding dresses are a little bit different. Brides usually wear wedding dresses that are white in color and wear it throughout the whole wedding occasion. Wearing white bride dresses have been said to have started from the 1840's, beginning with Queen Victoria. Some brides dress into more comfortable clothing, for example an evening gown, so that they will be able to move more freely especially during dances in wedding receptions.

Traditional practices are strictly followed for most western weddings. The couple then follow up with any plans they have agreed and decided on to make their special wedding day unique and memorable. Wedding receptions and other celebrations differ among the east and the west but the concept is still the same. Couples have these celebrations to show gratitude towards family members, friends and guests for being a part of the wedding ceremony and so take everyone can sit down and enjoy the occasion.

Another mutual custom that weddings of the east and west have is the wearing of the wedding veil. The bride wears a veil to protect her from being seen from evil spirits and the bridesmaids are decoys, at least according to superstitious beliefs. This is still followed even these days.

Weddings are occasions that is meant last a lifetime regardless of the differences in the traditions and customs being followed. This big day will surely be most wonderful day for the couple, their families and friends be it a western or an eastern wedding.

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