Orchid Wedding Cakes

One of the most popular flowers to use when decorating wedding cakes is the orchid. This statement flower is commonly used for floral wedding cakes, and can make any type of wedding cake pop.

There are several varieties of orchids, but the three most commonly used to decorate wedding cakes are the cymbidium orchid, the phalaenopsis orchid and the dendrobium orchid. Available in a wide range of colors, these timeless flowers are the perfect decorative accent for any wedding cake.

Because orchids are very tropical and exotic flowers, dendrobium orchids specifically are a great addition for beach-themed wedding cakes. When these orchids cascade over a layered cake, it creates a stunning and dramatic affect. You can also use purple orchids against a white backdrop for an elegant statement. Green cymbidium orchid blooms can also work well for a tropical wedding, especially when used as a cake topper.

For a traditional wedding cake, phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids are the perfect choice. For an elegant, simple look and feel, white dedrobium blossoms can also be used to decorate a more traditional wedding cake.

Of course, couples can choose to combine orchids with other flowers, such as antheriums or another tropical bloom. Calla lilies are also a good choice to combine with orchids. You can also choose real orchids or fondant creations, depending on your taste preferences and budget. Dendrobium orchids are the least expensive of the three common types, and real flowers on a wedding cake always make a statement. You may consider choosing fondant flowers for your orchid wedding cake if you were planning on using cymbidium or phalaenopsis orchids, though, as these can be quite expensive.

Orchid wedding cakes are a very big trend right now, and can add a dramatic and elegant look to any wedding.

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