What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages In Getting Married

The day of marriage is one of the most memorable and unforgettable days in a couples life. Many people are dreaming of a grand celebration for their marriage. Weddings are usually held in churches, while in some other countries civil marriage is also opt for more than church marriage because of financial issues. But what are the pros and cons of getting married?


1. LOVE - For most people, love is the main reason why they get married. We all know that being loved in return with the person that we cherish is a great feeling.

2. DREAM - when a person gets married the two of them becomes one. By the time the two are united they both share their dreams and help each other to achieve that dream and to make it come true. These dreams are usually for the good of the family and is easily achieved of the two individuals would help each other.

3. HAPPINESS - Having a family of our own is a great feeling. We can experience how it is to have kids and watch them grow and realize their own dreams. In fact, it has been said that being a parent is one of the most rewarding things in the world.


1. JEALOUSY - Regardless of how much a couple works hard to make the relationship in good condition, problems will happen. Example is when one gets jealous at someone or something. Jealousy is one of the most common reason why couples separate. When in a relationship, jealousy is inevitable which is one of the negative things for being in a relationship.

2. DECISION-MAKING - When one gets married, the decision - making process will now become a shared responsibility. One can't make decisions for himself without considering the other one. Some couples fight because of decision-making issues and because they can't come up with a compromise decision.

There are instances when the couple could not come up with a agreeable decision because they have different opinions about a certain issue. This leads to arguments which of course can affect the relationship.
Weddings are very important events. It is the day that you celebrate your love with your spouse and invites the whole world to be witnesses. It is a grand occasion and no matter how small it is, you need to plan it thoroughly so that your guests are happy and comfortable. A wedding can be overwhelming with details. There is the transportation to see to, the photographer to contact, the florist to call, the officiant to discuss things with, the catering to do and the reception hall to book. Personally you will have to think about what to wear and how to accessorize it. You need to put all these things together correctly to have glamorous wedding. You will need to hire wedding consultant if you do not have time or are not very knowledgeable about holding such events.
The first benefit that the couple derives from the wedding planner is reduced costs. From experience, the coordinator is able to find lower prices for products and services. Again, he will be able to use his familiarity with the vendors to get you special favors that will become helpful if you are on a budget or in haste.
The wedding planner saves you time too. As he takes care of the demands of the occasion, you will have time to go about your personal errands such as visiting the salon or going over the invitation list. A wedding can be very demanding so you need to conserve energy for your big day. Too much roaming can drain the couple and make them look haggard on the day of the wedding.

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Having a day of wedding coordinator is not only a necessity if you want a perfect wedding, 'no man is an island' and no bride can do everything without being left stressed out for the actual wedding day. That is how important it is to hire a wedding day coordinator.

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