Maintaining a Healthy Environment in a Pond

Many love to have pets around and the most common are fishes. However, we should not be the only ones who are benefiting from our pets, we should also learn to take care of them especially their health.

The health of our fishes is affected by the quality of water inside the pond or the aquarium. Your fish might die if the water in the pond is heavily polluted.

Aquatic Plants - having aquatic plants in your pond or aquarium helps your fish because plans provide oxygen to them. Some plants can also serve as food for some fishes.

pH level - Water is measured by the level of acidity. The levels are from 0 - 14. If the water has a pH level of 7, then the water is neutral. If it is above 7, it is alkaline and below 7 is acidic. In ponds, the pH level of the water is not constant because they change from time to time because of the CO2, the filter performance and the KH.

Water - Water is the main environment where fishes live. A clean and healthy water means a healthy fish. Your aquarium's water should be clear and clean. If your aquarium's water will start to become dirty and full of algae, then that is the time for you to change the water. Replacing your water is extremely crucial for your fish's survival. A dirty and full of algae aquarium may cause your fish to get "suffocated" due to the high levels of CO2 and die.

Alkalinity - This is also known as KH buffering which is a term used to refer to a water that can stand against the changes in the levels of pH in the water. This measures the level of bicarbonate and carbonate ion concentration in the water. It is said that a level between 100 - 300 ppm is good for your fish because this means that it produces a much more stable pH.

It is very important that you are aware of the alkalinity of your aquarium. If the pH level is high, your fishes might die. Even the small stuff like this would affect the fish's health. Now, you understand how important it is to make sure that your fishes are in good health.

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