Making an Organic Pumpkin Garden

A pumpkin is a very well-known vegetable that is grown all around the world. Some pumpkins are grown in special gardens by big vegetable companies while there are also pumpkins that are grown right at home! Pumpkins are classified into different species and each specie can easily be grown using different methods at home. Pumpkins are best grown with the use of organic inputs and methods.

Seeds - The pumpkins that you will harvest in the future greatly depends from the type of seed you choose. There are pumpkins that have soft skins but these don't last long though they can easily be cut. While a hard-skinned pumpkin are hard to cut and prepare but they are able to last long and has a longer shelf life than soft-skinned pumpkins.

Soil - These vegetables are ideally grown in rich and fat soils. Putting an organic fertilizer for your pumpkin is also a great way for you to produce high quality pumpkins. When planting pumpkins with a seed, they should be buried 2 inches deep into the soil. Water it well, but not too much as this may make the seed soft and die. Cover your plot with protective bird netting to prevent birds and other fowls from digging and eating your seed.

You can remove the net once your pumpkin has grown, this usually takes a couple of weeks. If your pumpkin has rooted properly, you can even just let it grow without the need of too much effort as long as you water it regularly most definitely on dry seasons.

Growing- If you are growing your pumpkins along with a trellis, then by the time your pumpkin starts to grow to proper height, train it to crawl along the trellis that you have prepared for it. A thick covering of pea straw will also help the plant to endure during hot seasons as it helps retain moisture.

But if you prefer not to use a trellis, then mulching is not necessarily required especially if it is grown on ground. They can be grown on the ground in a manner that it does not overtake or kill other plants.

You will get a lot of benefits from growing pumpkins in your home. Pumpkins are not only good for your health, they are good for the surroundings as well. Growing pumpkins is a very rewarding passion.

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Buy only certified organic seeds for your garden. if you are planning to grow a pumpkin garden be sure that you get the organic pumpkin seeds that are of good quality.

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