How Much Do You Know About Lawn Fertilizers?

When growing plants, you will need fertilizers. However, excessive amount of fertilizer is also dangerous for your plants. That is why we have created this article to enlighten you about lawn fertilizers.

Two Types of Lawn Fertilizers

There are two types of lawn fertilizers, water soluble and non-water soluble. Lawn fertilizers that are water soluble are the types that dissolve in water easily and act quickly when poured on the soil, therefore, releasing nitrogen quickly.

Because it acts more quickly, it also nourishes the grass and produces effects more quickly than non-water soluble lawn fertilizers. The only thing about this type of fertilizer is, it gets used up very quickly, and therefore, it should be reapplied.

Because the water-insoluble ones do not dissolve in water, the nitrogen is distributed steadily and for a longer period of time.

Ways To Apply Fertilizers

Different ways can be used when applying your lawn fertilizers. It all depends upon what you will choose, your time, and the amount of cash you are willing to spend.

The most common and famous method is called the Broadcast Spreading. With this method, a person uses a handheld tool which is called a broadcast spreader or a walk-behind type with wheels on it. This tool then spreads the fertilizer in the whole expanse of the area.

Drop Spreading is another method of applying lawn fertilizer. Somewhat similar to the walk-behind broadcast but fertilizer is dropped down according to the width of the base of the spreader. It works similarly with the walk-behind broadcast.

Fertilizers and its Different Forms

Organic fertilizers are by far, the safest and most Eco friendly type of fertilizers which work best in warm places. These are made from organic materials such as horse manure and rotten leaves.

Synthetic fertilizers are man made which are made from chemicals. These are found in marketplaces. Compared to organic products, synthetic fertilizers can produce results faster.

Liquid - These fertilizers are available as a highly concentrated liquid. They are sprayed onto the grass with the use of a garden hose. They are easy to apply and spread evenly, thus, preventing the risk of fertilizer burns.

Fertilizers will help you, regardless of whatever it is that you are planning to grow, as long as you use them in correct quantities and with correct techniques.

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