Problems for Counseling

Kids that are troubled need to undergo counseling. Some common reasons why kids are sent to counseling are given below:

Problems regarding self esteem

These children cannot assert themselves. They're really easy to sway. Sometimes they can't look people within the eye.

They often have a difficult time relating to their friends or peers.

You can't see them hanging around with kids of their age. Either they make friends with people older than they're or with kids younger than they are. They usually end up fighting with children of their age.

Too much fighting

They don't only fight with their own age but also with younger or older kids. They have too much anger inside them and they have a hard time expressing this anger.

Inadequate feelings of failure

Most of them feel that they are inadequate. As a result, they have the tendency to avoid playing games with other children.

Loss and grief

Somebody close to them had died and there is a sense of hopelessness. This can lead to adolescent depression.

Abuse - physical and sexual

This may be the most damaging to a kid. Many different issues arise from this conditions.

Feeling isolated and lonely

They have a feeling that they don't belong anywhere They really feel that they have nothing in typical with kids their age. Sometimes it may be the other way around, the children groups around them who are rejecting them.

Struggling with living between cultures

This happens when the parents are immigrants. They've a hard time balancing the culture of their environment and also the culture that they have at home. Occasionally it's more complicated if the mother and father have various heritages. Maybe the mother is from Puerto Rico and also the father is French. So aside from both mother and father, the child has to deal with the culture from the atmosphere.

Frequent hurting of other children

These kids often bully other children. These children are just projecting some things which they see at home. Anger is usually an issue.

School rules are violated

They have a problem with authority. They cannot obey the guidelines set for them.

They don't do well in school

They are not eager to go to school They prefer staying at home than going to school Or worse, they would make up situations so which they won't be able to go to school.

Depression and anxiety

These kids avoid going out They're sluggish and always tired. They think that if they go out, something bad will happen to them.

They have the tendency to flare up and be angry at home or in school

They suffer from anger issues. They generally hit the wall with their fists when things do not go their way.

Homeless Kids

They may have been abandoned by mother and father or guardians.

Being absent all the time

This is from the point of view of teachers. Children who are always absent usually have some problems going on at house.

Substance abuse

They are utilizing some substance to create a change of mood. The people surrounding them are also affected, directly or indirectly, by this addiction.

Divorce Issues

This is because these kids deal with having to lose one parent and they need to adapt to the new situation that has risen because of the divorce.

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Parents with sons who may need counseling can send them to boarding school for boys. This may be the same answer if you are looking for a boarding school for troubled girls. Here, they will be given the right environment to let them pass this phase of their lives with greater chance of leading a healthier life as adults.

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