Sleep Well to Feel Well

Lack of sleep can lead to stress. When we lack sleep, we can't function properly and all our daily routine will be compromised. You will at some point encounter problems in the long run due to lack of sleep. Such problems that we may encounter include:

1. It has been reported that when people lack sleep, they will have a inadequate memory. Thus, those who cram during exams will most likely fail since they won't be able to remember the things that they have studied.

2. People who always don't have enough sleep may gain weight since this can alter our normal metabolic processes. Our bodies tend to work more when we have more waking hours. In addition our hormonal levels can also be changed. This changes in our hormones make us think that we need to eat more, thus, causing to weight gain.

3. Accident proneness - If we lack sleep during the night, our body clocks may change, making us feel sleepy during the day. This may affect our work because we may not be able to do what we're supposed to due to sleepiness. This, as well, can cause driving accidents because we might fall asleep while driving. Although try as we might not to let that sort of accident to happen, we cannot stop our brain and body from shutting down because they do need to rest even though our cells do not stop functioning while we are asleep. It is when we are awake that they work more than when we are sleeping, so we also need to slow down for a few hours in a day.

4. When we did not get enough sleep, the tendency is for us to get very irritable and we become impatient. Because of this, you don't do the things that you are supposed to do because you feel too tired.

5. When we don't have enough sleep, we get stressed easily even with simple things because of the changes of our bodily hormones. The worst part is, stress is one of the causes of many ailments. If we are forcing our body to work even if it's too tired to do so, we are only putting our health at risk. The absence of harmony in our bodily processes causes us to be stressed out.

6. Lack of sleep can cause a lot of cardiovascular ailments like high blood pressure or palpitation. In fact, a number of immunodeficiency diseases have been caused by the lack of sleep.

By getting enough sleep, you will surely prevent these diseases from happening to you. Eight to six hours of sleep a day is essential for the human body. And to sleep properly, you need comfortable sleepwear so our sleep is peaceful or undisturbed.

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