Different Issues When You Get Married

Every coin has two sides. These two sides make this more interesting. In fact, the issue exists and remains because of the support that is given to each side - the pro and the con.

Let's talk about the issue about men and women. In their relationship, the presence of one complements that of the other. What one lacks, the other supplements. This may hold true in terms of physical capabilities, skills, emotional weaknesses, or even financial capacity. The sad thing is, seldom do couples appreciate their partner's role as the force that supports each of their weaknesses. Because of this lack of appreciation, many marriages crumble.

Let's take a look at the two sides of the marriage issue. One side says it is just a piece of paper. The cons for this side can be rationalized by the following:

1. This side says that marriage is just like a paper, it is disposable. This is because once you sign the marriage contract, you can always change that by signing another form of document. The foundation of the marriage lies on the couple. They are the most important elements in a marriage to work.

2. Marriage is not permanent. The marriage contract is not the basis for the union. What happens within the union will determine if the couple will continue living together.

3. Getting married, therefore, is not the reason that couples hold on to each other. Even marriage cannot keep a crumbling relationship.

4. Marriage can be affected as the couple continue to grow. In this process, differences will arise which can either affect the relationship adversely or favorably.

There are those, however, who believe in the sanctity of marriage. This side says that it is a force that binds the relationship. Here are the pros for this side:

1. This side believes in the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is a union that God has created and no man can break this union apart.

2. Marriage is necessary to prove one's love to his or her partner. It serves as a social seal of approval, especially where children are concerned.

3. Marriage strengthens the bond since it puts a legal seal of oneness between the couple.

4. Marriage always makes a family genuine, whether legally or religiously.

Couples always pick a side and the reason why? We may never understand.

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