Chicago Lead Poisoning Injury

Lead is a highly toxic metal that is found naturally in small quantities throughout the environment. Lead poisoning is a preventable condition caused by occupational or environmental exposure to lead and is often a result of inhalation or ingestion of lead dust or fumes. Once ingested or inhaled, lead moves through the bloodstream and organs to the bones where it is stored.

Lead poisoning can occur from gradual buildup in the body through repeated exposure of small amounts, or through single high toxic doses and often occurs from exposure to lead based products such as old paint or pipes. Lead dust particles are sometimes released into the air during demolition or renovation projects. Lead dust can settle in food and drinks or can be ingested by transferring the dust particles from your hands to your food after exposure.

Workers involved in shutdowns or demolition at refineries, bridge reconstruction, remodeling and refinishing (especially involving sandblasting, pipefitting, and welding), should be aware of the early signs of lead poisoning and seek medical screening and advice if they believe that they have been exposed to lead. Such work related injuries often involve workers compensation issues.

Some of the early signs of lead poisoning include:

* Fatigue
* Tremors
* Irritability
* Muscle and Joint Pain
* Reduced sensations
* Headaches
* Low appetite and energy

Contacting experienced Chicago Injury Lawyers may help you hold those accountable for the injuries or deaths they cause. Chicago Injury Lawyers can help injured clients and surviving family members handle injury claims in Chicago and throughout Illinois. If you have questions relating to lead poisoning, contact a qualified Injury Lawyer immediately.

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