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Nursing home neglect and abuse occurs more often than most of us prefer to imagine. Currently in the United States, there are well over one million nursing home residents. This number is only expected to further increase in the future. Nursing homes across the country make billions of dollars every year for attending to elderly patients in exchange for social security and other benefits. But unfortunately, not all nursing homes have a very good record when it comes to actually delivering the adequate care that they are paid to administer.

In addition to improper care, an unforgivable occurrence at some nursing homes is also the physical abuse inflicted upon some elderly patients by the nursing home staff. Many occasions of brutal and unprovoked beatings have been uncovered involving staff members, some to the point of near-death. Other times, a patient may abuse another patient while the facility staff turns a blind eye to the situation.

Abuse can be classified as physical, which includes unreasonable restraints, beatings, or inappropriate drugging. Abuse can also be psychological. Along with abuse there may occur neglect. Neglect can also be physical, such as a failure to provide meals for a patient. Neglect may also be the result of a failure to aid the patient with those things that they need help with, such as restroom assistance or dialing a phone.

A good law firm dealing in personal injury cases offer representation for nursing home abuse cases. Some of the warning signs include:

* Bedsores
* Unexplained injuries
* Weight loss
* Excessive sleeping
* Theft of resident’s property
* Poor hygiene

Most Illinois Personal Injury Attorneys advances all costs. They will charge only after obtaining a recovery on your behalf.

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