Traumatic Brain Injury - Illinois

Brain injury is damage to the brain caused by any physical trauma or prolonged lack of oxygen. Traumatic brain injury may also be referred to as intracranial injury

Chicago Lead Poisoning Injury

Lead is a highly toxic metal that is found naturally in small quantities throughout the environment.

Illinois Nursing Home Injury Attorneys

Nursing home neglect and abuse occurs more often than most of us prefer to imagine. Currently in the United States, there are well over one million nursing home residents.

Surgical Error Lawyers

Each year, millions of surgical procedures occur in the United States. Yet, each time a person undergoes a surgery, there are serious risks of medical and surgical malpractice.

SSN Application - Guide

A social security number is important so if you don't have one, you need to apply for one. If you are not familiar with the application process, here are a few tips. Initially, you need to know what an SSN is. A government body identified as Social Security Administration is the one responsible for assigning this unique number to the people.

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